Infrastructure Solutions

NAvsheen, has been building infrastructure for several years, it has a vast experience in constructing RCC buildings, Shelters, per-fabricated buildings, Fences & manu others gadgets for Government sectors & Indian Para Militry & Military fences. We, at Navsheen, believe in efficient construction and use latest technology to make sure we can deliver just the best. We cater to all types of construction solutions like:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Office/Admin blocks
  • LGSF Buildings
  • Smart Perimeter Fencing
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Water Supply Schemes
  • Roads/Small Bridges
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hospitals
Adm Block At Khuga (Manipur)
Family Welfare Khuga
Hospital Building At Kangai
Water Tank At Kangval
Single Officer's At Mantripukhri
Single officer's at kangvai
Single JCO'S At Mantripukhri
Single Officer's At Kangvai
Communication Block Mantripukhri
Cook House At Kangvai
Officers Club Kethalmanbi
IV At Mantripukhri
Adm Block Kethalmanbi
Adm Block Kethalmanbi
V At Kangvai
Adm Block At khuga Manipur
Admintrative Block At Kangvai Manipur
Communication Block Mantripukhri
Officers Buildings At Mantripukhri
Officers Club Kethalmanbi
Single Jcos At Mmantripukhri
Type II At Kangvai
Storage Building At Kangvai
type v At Kangvai
Type V At Kangvai
Type-III At Kangvai
Type II At Kangvai

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