Infrastructure Solutions

We are an expert in offering pre-fabricated building construction solutions for any situation & requirement. We have decades of experience in erecting all type of buildings for both government sector & India forces. From fully furnished buildings till steel towers, we have expertise in completing the buildings within 3-4 months. We, at Navsheen, believe in efficient construction and use latest technology to make sure we can deliver just the best.

Energy Solutions

We also provide solar energy solutions proving to the Indian forces. We are capable of providing solar solutions in the most difficult areas or remote locations. The solar solutions we offer are as follows:

  • Fuel Cells
  • Power Solutions for Communications & Tactical Devices
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Streets Light
  • Batteries (Military Grade)


Navsheen associates are the prime leader in securing your perimeter by giving you the best Smart Fence Solution which prevents intrusions into high security sites by unauthorized personnel or animals. We have installed our smart fence systems in extreme tense & high alert areas like borders, military outskirts & posts, etc.


Facility and Logistics Services is the yet another service which Navsheen offers the Indian army & the Para military forces. With transportation and warehousing resources in over major states, Navsheen Associates offers integrated, single source solutions to meet the every type of requirement regardless of the size or the location.

Technology Products

Navsheen Associates holds command in supplying various technological products to the forces. Products like:

  • Less Lethal Weapon (Remote Restraint)
  • Ruggedized Computers/Tabs
  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Data Management Solution
  • Portable Helipad
  • Complex Data Management (Network Defense Security)
  • Power Management Solutions
  • Interview Rooms

Supply Chain of Food Commodity

We also provide a wide range of dry ration to forces while keeping in mind the requirement & needs. Our extreme packaging preserves the food from getting rotten. Following are the type of ration we supply on regular basis:

Tactical & Communication Devices

Navsheen Associates offers tactical IP communication system to the Indian Forces which provides real-time single and multiparty internal and external voice communication and data exchange services among dispersed communication nodes, command post, tactical operation centers, adjacent battalions and supported units.

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